Defending Those Who Defend Us® Contractors are an incredibly important part of modern military operations. As seen by the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, contractors are necessary to complete crucial tasks – from serving as linguists on patrol with U.S. Forces to handling base and tower security to maintaining military vehicles. When contractors are harmed while performing these, Read More

Buy Adipex Capsules The Defense Base Act (“DBA”) is a federal law mandating that all U.S. Government contractors and subcontractors provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees working overseas, no matter what nationality the worker may be. The Defense Base Act covers the following employment activities: Working for private employers on U.S. military bases or on any, Read More

Cheap Valium Online Overnight If you’re being threatened with an involuntary separation or discharge from the military, it’s important to fight back with all available legal resources. A good lawyer can help save your military career. But even before hiring a military attorney, you need to understand the process of an administrative separation board. We’ll explain it in, Read More Up until now, a servicemembers could have expected their commanding officer to offer non-judicial punishment, or Article 15, if their commanding officer suspected them of UCMJ violations. However, starting in January 2019, the process will change. The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act created a new form of court martial for commanders to insure the, Read More

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Diazepam Kopen Den Haag If you’re a servicemember with an excellent conduct record, your defense counsel can use it to your advantage if you’re arrested for certain crimes. “The Good Soldier Defense” allows you to provide your military accomplishments and prior honorable services evidence the charged misconduct is not consistent with your exemplary character. By showing the charges, Read More

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The consequences surrounding getting a DUI while serving in the military can be significant. Servicemembers who have gotten pulled over by civilian police are often surprised to find out that they are subject to prosecution under both the civilian judicial system AND the UCMJ. This article will detail how the DUI process works for, Read More

Klonopin Xr The military’s Criminal Investigation Division has one, very important job: to investigate and determine whether or not a service member has committed a crime, or if their actions or involvement warrant court-martial. The CID is essentially the military’s version of a criminal investigator. Though many times CID agents will take a casual approach, make, Read More

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Buy Cheap Zolpidem Uk NPR’s Sarah McCammon asks military law expert Gerry Healy about President Trump’s latest policy restricting military service by transgender troops. Click the link here to read more. Just like the civilian court system, the military also has an appeals system set up for post-conviction relief. If you’ve been convicted under a general or special court martial, your case will automatically be reviewed by a judge advocate and by the convening authority. Upon review, the convening authority can, or may, grant some, Read More

Buy Xanax In Australia The military is an institution in and of its own. It provides members and their families with on-base housing, jobs, grocery stores, and gas stations. It only makes sense that the military would keep within its community its own specialized judicial system. While there are several similarities to the civilian court system, military courts, Read More