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Military Sexual Assault Defense

The military takes sexual assault allegations and military sex crimes very seriously. Regardless of how weak or frivolous the allegations of sexual assault may appear, the political climate is such that the military will prosecute nearly all sexual assault allegations. Moreover, recent changes to service regulations now require the chain of command to process the suspected servicemember for involuntary separation from active duty. Thus, if you are suspected of sexual assault or are under investigations for such allegations, you must retain the very best military defense lawyers in order to protect yourself from sex crime convictions that can and will result in lengthy Brig time, loss of career and benefits, as well as a lifetime of sex offender registration after your punitive discharge from military service.

At MJA, we are experts in defending servicemembers from sexual assault allegations, as well as other sex crime allegations, such as computer sex crimes, and sexual harassment. We have vigorously defended active duty in all branches of the military, at countless bases, stations and posts across the world with great success. If you are the subject of a sexual assault investigation, you should not delay in seeking legal advice. Contact our military defense lawyers now to learn more.