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Military Justice Attorneys, PLLC specialize in the representation of active duty military servicemembers who are under investigation, pending courts-martial, or administrative separation due to allegations of misconduct. We are also SRCA attorneys that specialize in the representation of military servicemembers and their families who are the victims of unfair lending practices by big banks, credit card companies, as well as car dealerships, and property management companies.

Court-Martial Defense

Court-Martial Defense

If you are under criminal investigation, been read your Article 31b Rights, or been served a preferred charged sheet you need to immediately contact an experienced military lawyer. MJA are serious, experienced, and aggressive court-martial attorneys.



SCRA is powerful Federal law created to protect servicemembers from unfair lending practices. If you have been taken advantage of by a bank, credit card company, or car dealership you need representation in order to protect your rights. MJA are experienced SCRA attorneys who will not let that happen.


Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act (DBA) provides for medical expenses, as well as ongoing treatment for any permanent injury or disability. If you are or were a military contractor, and have been injured while working in direct support of U.S. Forces overseas, you may be covered under the DBA.

Other Services

Other Areas Of Practice

MJA strives to be a true military defense firm, defending military clients. Along with Court-Martial Defense, we specialize in the representation of military service members at Board of Inquiries (BOIs), Administrative Separation Boards, Court-Martial Appeals, and Article 32 Hearings.

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Military Justice Attorneys

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