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Are You Eligible for DBA Protection?

Contractors are an incredibly important part of modern military operations. As seen by the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, contractors are necessary to complete crucial tasks – from serving as linguists on patrol with U.S. Forces to handling base and tower security to maintaining military vehicles. When contractors are harmed while performing these tasks, they may be entitled to the Defense Base Act benefits.

Understanding the Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act is a compensation system that protects employees of companies working under contract to the United States Government overseas. If a contractor is harmed or killed, they or their family may be entitled to benefits under this act.

Are You Covered?

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what job you do, if you qualify as a DBA contractor and are injured on the job, you’re entitled to benefits. The Defense Base Act doesn’t discriminate. Some examples of positions that are covered by the DBA are Interpreters, cultural advisors, canine handlers, firefighters, electricians, welders, and many others.

Injury Types Found in Defense Base Act Claims

The military knows that without help from contractors, it can’t properly conduct its operations. These workers put their lives on the line, performing difficult work in hazardous locations. Whether they work at a small combat outpost or a large military airfield, these workers face the same risk of injury as their military colleagues.

Common injuries in Defense Base Act claims range from physical injuries such as burns, broken bones, and amputations; emotional harm like depression, PTSD, and suicide; poisoning from chemicals, asbestos, or lead; and breathing problems like asthma and COPD. If you are injured or become sick due to your position as a contractor with the U.S. military, you are likely covered.

Why You Should Talk to an Attorney

While it’s possible to litigate your Defense Base Act claim yourself, a skilled DBA defense lawyer can make the process faster and more effective. The Defense Base Act compensation system is incredibly technical. You need to file the correct forms, understand the remedies and rights pertaining to your case, and know how to litigate your case in front of an administrative law judge.

The Military Justice Attorneys team has the experience needed to guide you through the claims process. Our widespread knowledge of how the Defense Base Act insurance industry works can give you a better chance of obtaining compensation. Contact our military lawyers today at 844-334-5459 and let us get you the benefits you deserve.

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