Defending Those Who Defend Us®


Gerald Healy

Firm managing partner, Gerald Healy, spent his entire military career in the courtroom, prosecuting and defending marines and sailors.

Gerald Healy

John Hafemann

John D. Hafemann, a civilian defense attorney, and Major in U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, is an aggressive, experienced and exceptionally qualified litigator with nearly eight years of criminal law experience in the United States, Guantanamo Bay, and Asia.

Jon Hafemann


Brian Magee

Mr. Brian Magee is one of the most effective attorneys around, bringing an incredible depth of experience to your case.One of a handful of attorneys in the Nation to hold a Masters of Law (LLM) in Federal Criminal Practice and Procedure, he is consistently sought out for his intellect, work ethic, and performance.


John R. Thomas, Jr.

John has significant experience representing individuals and businesses in a variety of civil and criminal litigation, as well as providing strategic advice in science policy and research administration matters..