Defending Those Who Defend Us®

John R. Thomas, Jr.

John has significant experience representing individuals and businesses in a variety of civil and criminal litigation, as well as providing strategic advice in science policy and research administration matters.

John is a national leader in False Claims Act litigation, where whistleblowers uncover and report fraud against the government. John litigates cases throughout the country involving procurement fraud, health care fraud, medical device fraud, and grant fraud. John is the Founder and Chair of the Federal Bar Association Qui Tam Section and a frequent writer and speaker on the False Claims Act.

John is also an experienced litigator in the criminal arena. He has served as both a prosecutor and defense counsel in a variety of federal and state actions, including contested trials involving financial crimes, government fraud, attempted murder, war crimes, complex classified litigation matters, crimes against children, drug offenses, firearms offenses, and theft of government property.

John also has a special interest in science policy and research administration issues, and represents clients in a variety of research and science policy matters and other issues involving academic institutions. He is a contributor to Retraction Watch and has published in The Scientist and other science media.

John is a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and serves as a law of war instructor/advisor. In his previous billets, John prosecuted and defended Marines in courts-martial, served as a deputy staff judge advocate, and deployed to Afghanistan as a battalion judge advocate, where he advised the battalion commander on the law of war and other operational law matters.

John is a member of the bars of Virginia and the District of Columbia.