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  • Military Domestic Assault Defense

    Unfortunately, domestic assault is a charge that MJA defends against quite regularly. It goes without saying that a marriage can be a difficult endeavor, but a military marriage can be stressed even more than most due to the young age of the couples, financial constraints, deployment and training tempo. Furthermore, many young military couples live on base where there is far less privacy, and more police presence.

    Domestic assault, like sexual assault, has become a hot button issue for the military as a whole. Domestic assault allegations (and convictions) can have a direct impact on whether a servicemember can remain of active duty due to the Lautenberg Amendment, which prevents any American citizen from owning, possessing, or transferring a firearm if convicted of a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.”

    If you are under investigation for domestic assault or any domestic disturbance, immediately call our offices at (844) 334-5459 before you make any statements to your command and/or law enforcement.