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  • Military Larceny Defense

    Article 121, UCMJ, criminalizes the offenses of larceny and wrongful appropriation, fraudulent use of credit/debit cards (Article 121a), and false pretenses to obtain services (Article 121b).  The punishment for larceny increases based on the value and type of the property stolen. For example, theft of military property can result in extremely harsh punishment including the potential for a dishonorable discharge, total forfeitures of pay and allowances, and confinement for 10 years. 

    Allegations alone can result in a servicemember being labeled a “barracks thief” and quickly ruin your reputation and standing in the command. Military Justice Attorneys (MJA) has represented servicemembers accused of theft occurring both on and off post and involving military and non-military property. MJA increasingly represents servicemembers charged with theft through the misuse of government charge cards or government vehicle gas cards.

    If you are under investigation for any type of theft or misuse of government resources, call our office today at (844) 334-5459 for a free consultation.