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Officer Misconduct

A Major in the U.S. Army, stationed at Fort Jackson, was accused of sexually assaulting another officer nearly three after the alleged incident.  Members found the decorated Major not guilty of a charges after several hours of deliberations. (Sherburne 2015)

A Major in the U.S. Marine Corps was accused of several order violations, fraternization, adultery, and computer crimes.  The defendant, who was retirement-eligible, faced nearly ten years in confinement, as well as a dismissal from service. Through a pre-trial agreement, the Major pled guilty only to adultery and two order violations and in return entered pleas of not guilty to all other charges at a special court-martial. The Major paid four months of forfeitures but received no confinement and no dismissal and recently retired honorably from the Marine Corps.
(Healy, 2012)

A Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps was accused at a general court-martial of 21 separate charges of order violations and sex crimes such as assault and sodomy against several alleged female service member victims. After twenty years of service, the Chief Warrant Officer was facing decades in confinement and a dismissal from the U.S. Marine Corps. In mixed findings, the defendant was found guilty of order violations and other misdemeanor-type offenses but acquitted of sexual assault, as well as other sex crimes.  The Chief Warrant Officer was awarded six months of confinement and a dismissal but due to the sex crime acquittals was not compelled to register as a sex offender.
(Healy, 2009)