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Article 15/NJP

A non-judicial punishment is a disciplinary tool by which Commanding Officers/Generals can quickly dispose of minor offenses without going through the more elaborate legal process. Instead, the Commanding Officer/General independently determines a punishment. Whether called an “Article 15,” “office hours,” or “captain’s mast,” the proceeding and limitations on punishment are very similar.

When confronted with the prospect of NJP, an accused service member should consider several important factors. First, one cannot be compelled to accept NJP—no chain of command has the authority to force an accused service member to agree to this outcome. Military Justice Attorneys strongly advises any service member facing NJP to consult a military lawyer before deciding on a course of action. Contact us now about your military article 15 concerns right away. During your free consultation with Military Justice Attorneys, you will be able to discuss your legal rights, as well as other collateral consequences you should be mindful of before notifying your command of your decision.