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    Below are summaries of past cases successfully handled by our attorneys. While no law firm can guarantee case results, MJA is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for every client. If you are under investigation, facing court-martial or administrative action, or need to appeal your discharge or conviction, please contact us today for a free consultation.


    Rape Allegation Unsubstantiated at Chapter Board

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Bragg, North Carolina. An Army Specialist (E-4) was wrongfully accused of raping the wife of a fellow Soldier. MJA represented the Specialist at a Chapter Board during which MJA discredited the Government’s key witnesses and introduced evidence of the Soldier’s innocence. The Board determined the allegations were unsubstantiated and retained the Specialist in the Army. (August 2019)

    Air Force NCO Defeats Child Sexual Assault Allegations

    Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. Air Force Staff Sergeant (E-5) was wrongfully accused by his command of sexually assaulting his daughter. After months of preparation, MJA defended the Staff Sergeant against these allegations at his involuntary administrative separation board. MJA was able to convince the board members that each of the four alleged bases were false, resulting in a finding of no basis. The Staff Sergeant will pick up Technical Sergeant next month! (August 2019)

    Soldier Released from Pretrial Confinement

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hood, Texas. An Army Private 2nd Clas (PV2) was placed in pretrial confinement for allegations of rape and sexual assault in violation of Article 120, UCMJ. MJA successfully represented the Soldier at his Pretrial Confinement Review hearing resulting in his release from confinement. (August 2019)

    ROTC Cadet Facing Disenrollment Allowed to Commission

    An Air Force ROTC Cadet close to graduation was notified of Administrative Disenrollment after receiving two military conditional events. After gathering extensive evidence in support of the Cadet, making a personal appearance, and submitting multiple written matters to the command, MJA convinced senior commanders that Disenrollement was not warranted. The Cadet was retained in the ROTC and will commission in the Fall. (July 2019)

    Army Staff Sergeant Fully Acquitted of Rape of a Minor

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Lee, Virginia. Army Staff Sergeant (E-5) with more than 13 years of honorable service was accused of assaulting and raping his step-daughter. The Staff Sergeant, facing decades of confinement, dishonorable discharge, and mandatory sexual offender registration if convicted, was found not guilty by a Military Judge of all charges and specifications. (June 2019)

    Sailor Honorably Discharged After Testing Positive for Cocaine 

    Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. A Petty Officer Third Class (E-4) approaching his End of Active Obligated Service tested positive for cocaine. The Sailor avoided trial by court-martial and received an Honorable discharge after reaching his end of enlistment. (June 2019)

    Army Veteran Receives Discharge Upgrade

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Campbell, Kentucky. An Army Specialist (E-4) was involuntarily separated with a General discharge after receiving Article 15 punishment for a DUI and being Absent Without Leave. He was later diagnosed with service-connected mental health disorders and appealed his discharge. MJA represented the veteran in front of the Army Discharge Review Board and successfully argued for a discharge upgrade to Honorable. (April 2019)

    Sexual Assault Charges Dropped Against Senior Airman

    Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia. An Air Force Senior Airman (E-4) accused of sexual assaulting another Airman had charges dropped by the Convening Authority. (February 2019)

    Corporal Facing Loss of GI-Bill Honorably Discharged

    Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. A Marine Corporal (E-4) was recommended for involuntary administrative separation with a General discharge due to Condition Not a Disability. Facing the loss of the GI Bill, the Corporal retained MJA who convinced the command to change its recommendation. The Corporal received an Honorable Discharge upon separation. (January 2019)


    Army Specialist Fully Acquitted of Rape and Strangulation

    U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza (Caserma Ederle), Italy. Army Specialist (E-4) accused by his spouse of rape and strangulation was fully acquitted by a military panel of his peers.  A highly complex case to defend, with over 20 witnesses from Army, Air Force and Carabinieri, forensic expert testimony, and confessions and admissions by the accused. (December 2018)

    Senior Airman Not Guilty of Sexual Assault of Another Airman

    U.S. Air Force Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina. A Senior Airman (E-4) accused by a fellow Airman of sexual assault was found not guilty by the presiding Military Judge, avoiding Brig time, punitive discharge, and any requirements to register as a sex offender. (November 2018)

    Sentence Disapproved During Clemency

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. A Marine Corporal (E-4) was tried at a Special Court-Martial for violating a lawful general order, abusive sexual contact, indecent exposure, and assault consummated by battery. MJA aggressively defended the Marine at trial resulting in his acquittal of all charges and specifications except for the orders violations. MJA later convinced the Commanding Officer to disapprove the adjudged sentence during clemency. The client was Honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. (September 2018)

    Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted

    U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza (Caserma Ederle), Italy. MJA filed a motion to exclude all evidence obtained from a client’s iPhone due to an unlawful search by law enforcement. The Military Judge found that CID exceeded the scope of their search authorization and did not obtain the accused’s consent to search his phone. Accordingly, the Court granted the Defense Motion to Suppress, thereby preventing the Government from introducing evidence obtained from the client’s iPhone. (September 2018)

    Marine Lance Corporal Retained on Active Duty

    Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. A Marine Lance Corporal was facing involuntary administrative separation due to a pattern of misconduct. If separated, the Marine risked losing his career and important benefits. MJA was able to rebut the alleged reasons for separation and convince the command to retain the Marine on active duty. (August 2018)

    Army Applicant Allowed to Enlist After False-Positive Urinalysis

    Virginia. An Army applicant was disqualified from enlisting after his MEPS urinalysis tested positive for drugs. MJA worked tirelessly with MEPs and the applicant’s recruiting command to prove that the urinalysis result was a false-positive which did not disqualify the applicant from retesting. The applicant was allowed to retest, which he passed, and later shipped to basic training where he served with distinction. (July 2018)

    Army Cadre Acquitted of Allegations by Trainee 

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Lee, Virginia. Army PFC (E-3) was accused of sexually assaulting an AIT trainee and violating a TRADOC Regulation. At a trial by General Court-Martial, the Soldier faced the possibility of a dishonorable discharge, decades of confinement, and mandatory sex-offender registration if convicted. Despite the alleged victim’s testimony at trial and the Soldier’s videotaped statement to CID, one charge was dismissed at trial and the Soldier was acquitted of all remaining charges and specifications. He later reenlisted in the Army. (June 2018)

    Sailor’s Positive Urinalysis Ruled Determined Not Wrongful

    Cherry Point, North Carolina. A Hospitalman (E-3) tested positive for hydrocodone on a urinalysis and was notified of nonjudicial punishment. MJA submitted proof to the command that the substance had been unknowingly ingested by the Sailor. Based on this evidence, the Commanding Officer determined that the positive urinalysis was not due to wrongful use, allowing the Sailor to remain on active duty. (May 2018)

    Charges Dismissed Against Drill Sergeant Charged with Sexual Assault of a Trainee

    U.S. Army Training Center Fort Jackson, South Carolina. A Sergeant First Class (E-7), charged with sexual assault of a trainee, had all of his charges dismissed by the Military Judge three weeks before his General Court Martial. (April 2018)

    Chief Petty Officer Retained in Navy After Positive Urinalysis

    Naval Health Clinic New England, Newport, Rhode Island. A Chief Petty Officer (E-7), who failed a urinalysis, was retained in the Navy. (March 2018)

    Marine Special Forces Operator Retained in Service After Failed Urinalysis

    Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. A Staff Sergeant attached to the 3d Marine Raider Battalion was retained at his Administrative Separation Board.  MJA was successful in convincing the Board to unsubstantiate the allegations of wrongful use of Cocaine. (February 2018)

    Previous Years

    Marine Corporal Tested Positive for THC Found Not Guilty

    Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.  A Marine Corporal (E-4) who tested positive for marijuana was acquitted by the military judge. The Marine Corporal received an Honorable discharge after reaching the end of his term of enlistment.

    Staff Sergeant Acquitted of Sexual Assault, Honorably Discharged

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  A Marine Staff Sergeant (E-6) was charged with sexual assault, sexual harassment, maltreatment, larceny, fraternization, and dereliction of duty.  In a classic case of “he-said-she-said”, the Staff Sergeant was acquitted of everything except for fraternization and dereliction and received no punitive discharge.  The Marine was Honorably discharged at his end of active service.

    Marine Sergeant Acquitted of Sexual Assault

    A Marine Sergeant (E-5) faced decades of confinement and lifetime sex offender registration for alleged sexual assault of another Marine. MJA successfully defended the case at a General Court-Martial, and the Marine was found not guilty on all sex crime charges. The Marine spent no time in confinement and was not required to register as a sex offender.

    All Charges Dropped for Marine NCO Facing Life-Sentence

    A Marine Corporal (E-4) accused of sexual assault and reckless endangerment of another Marine faced a life sentence and sex offender registration. MJA successfully had all charges dropped and the Marine was allowed to separate with a general discharge.

    Retirement Saved for First Sergeant

    Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Marietta, Georgia.  A Marine First Sergeant was accused of defrauding the federal government of nearly $30,000 worth of pay and allowances. Facing nearly 70 federal convictions, jail time, and a punitive discharge from the Marine Corps, the First Sergeant  plead guilty to only three charges. At sentencing, he was awarded 89 days of confinement, reduction to Gunnery Sergeant, and four months of forfeitures; however, he was able to Honorably retire from the Marine Corps shortly after trial.

    Lance Corporal Avoids Life-Sentence

    A Marine Lance Corporal (E-3) faced confinement for life on charges of espionage, stealing government property, and use of a controlled substance. MJA successfully negotiated a plea agreement dismissing the charges of espionage and theft of government property. The Marine avoided a life sentence and was administratively discharged from the service.

    Full Acquittal for NCO Accused of Sexual Assault

    A Marine Corporal (E-4) accused of sexually assaulting an Army soldier faced decades of confinement and lifetime registration as a sex offender. MJA successfully defended the case at a General Court-Martial, and the Marine was acquitted of all sex crime charges. The Marine was later medically discharged under Honorable discharge.

    Staff Sergeant Acquitted of Misuse of Government Travel Charge Card

    A Marine Staff Sergeant (E-6) accused of defrauding the Federal Government of $14,000 in government travel credit card charges faced nearly a decade in confinement and a punitive discharge. At a contested General Court-Martial, the Staff Sergeant was found not guilty of all charges.

    Navy Petty Officer Saved from Punitive Discharge

    A U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class was accused of defrauding the government of several thousands of dollars. At trial, one of the three charges was dismissed by the military judge, and the client was acquitted of another. The Petty Officer was convicted of an orders violation but received no confinement, no punitive discharge, and no forfeitures. Two years later, the Petty Officer was Honorably discharged from the Navy.

    Army Specialist Found Not Guilty of Sex Crimes

    U.S. Army Garrison Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  An Army Specialist (E-4) was accused of sexual assault and other sex crimes by the wife of another Soldier.  Over two years after the initial allegation, the Specialist had his day in court where he was found not guilty by a military judge. MJA successfully dismantled the Government’s case in such a way that no evidence needed to be offered in the Defense case-in-chief. 

    Full Acquittal of Marine Staff NCO for Hazing

    Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina.  A Marine Staff Sergeant (E-6) was found not guilty by the members of a General Court-Martial on all charges of hazing, blood striping, pinning, and condoning such behavior of several NCOs while deployed. The Marine was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) the following month and allowed to re-enlist.

    Marine NCO Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

    Marine Corps Recruit Depot, South Carolina.  A Marine Corporal (E-4) was accused of sexual assaulting a woman while she slept in her marital bed. At trial by General Court-Martial, MJA was able to dismantle the convening authority’s case during cross examination of the alleged victim, and the members found the Marine not guilty of all charges.

    Drill Instructor Received No Punishment on 15 Specifications

    Marine Corps Recruit Depot, South Carolina.  A Marine Drill Instructor was charged with 15 specifications of hazing, maltreatment, and orders violations of nine Recruits. MJA successfully obtained the dismissal of 14 specifications, and the Marine Sergeant received no punishment after conviction of only 1 specification at General Court-Martial.

    Gunnery Sergeant Receives No Punishment for Larceny Charges

    A Marine Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) received no punishment after facing several decades of brig time and a punitive discharge for writing $16,000 in bad checks. The Gunnery Sergeant later retired with an Honorable discharge.

    21 Separate Charges Withdrawn from Court-Martial

    Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina.  A Marine Staff Sergeant (E-6) facing 21 separate charges of hazing, maltreatment, and orders violations be withdrawn for a Marine Staff Sergeant (E-6). All charges were disposed of by administrative hearing, and the command was prohibited from involuntarily discharging the Marine based on the conduct. The Marine received an Honorable discharge.

    All Charges Dropped for Army Staff Sergeant 

    An Army Staff Sergeant (E-6) accused of 8 counts of sex crimes against 5 victims faced decades of confinement. MJA investigated the case and obtained statements from 4 victims recanting the story. MJA carried our findings to the convening authority, an Army Major General (O-8), and successfully had the charges dismissed pre-trial.

    Marine Corporal Acquitted of Sexual Assault

    Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.  A Marine Corporal was acquitted of assault and sexual assault of another Marine.  The Military Judge took less than one hour to find the Corporal not guilty of the charges and specifications at a General Court Martial.

    Army Major Acquitted of Sexual Assault

    U.S. Army Training Center & Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina.  A decorated Army Major (O-4) was accused of sexually assaulting another officer nearly three years after the alleged incident.  A panel of members at General Court-Martial found the Major not guilty on all charges.

    Major Awarded No Confinement or Dismissal, Allowed to Retire

    A Marine Major (O-4) faced almost 10 confinement years and Dismissal for several orders violations, fraternization, adultery, and computer crimes. MJA negotiated a plea agreement whereby the Marine received no confinement or dismissal. The Marine later retired honorably.

    Corporal Acquitted of Assaulting Wife and Son with a Loaded Firearm

    Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina.  A Marine Corporal (E-4) was accused of assaulting his wife and two-year-old son with a loaded firearm while on base. The Corporal faced nearly twenty years in confinement, dishonorable discharge, and the likelihood of separation from his son. The Corporal was acquitted of all charges and deployed with his unit after trial.

    Marine Found Not Guilty of Aggravated Assault

    Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina.  A Marine Corporal (E-4) was accused at a General Court-Martial of aggravated assault on his 27-day-old son. The Corporal faced nearly a decade of confinement and a dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps.  He was fully acquitted at trial.