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Practice Areas

Military law is a complex and daunting realm. Navigating it with the guidance of an experienced military attorney can help you achieve the most favorable outcome. Military Justice Attorneys are experts in:

Courts-Martial Defense

A court-martial is federal court convened by a Commanding Officer/General to adjudicate the alleged criminal misconduct of a military servicemember. There are three types of courts-martial, with classification varying based on seriousness of the crime, legal process, and severity of punishment: General, Special, and Summary. General courts-martial deal with the gravest criminal charges, while Special courts-martial handle misdemeanor-type offenses.Summary courts-martial are generally an uncontested administrative hearing, rarely offered unless the servicemember acknowledges misconduct.

Courts-Martial Appeals

Justice is not always served at a trial. That’s why every military branch has a Court of Criminal Appeals to review and consider the decisions meted out by courts-martial. As the military justice system’s final opportunity for righting a wrong, the appellate process requires experienced legal representation in order to result in success.

Defense Base Act (DBA)

If while serving your country you were injured, aggravated a pre-existing condition, or suffered a new condition, due to your service, you deserve to be compensated.  Although filing a claim and obtaining your benefits from the VA should be simple and straightforward, often times it is not.

Driving Under the Influence

Military Justice Attorneys has experienced Military DUI lawyers on staff to defend those accused of a DUI. We understand Georgia’s DUI laws and how military commands prosecute under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Domestic Assault Defense

Unfortunately, domestic assault is a charge that MJA defends against quite regularly. It goes without saying that a marriage can be a difficult endeavor, but a military marriage can be stressed even more than most due to the young age of the couples, financial constraints, deployment and training tempo.

Drug Abuse Defense

It is not a secret that the military has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to allegations of drug abuse within their ranks. Under the UCMJ Article 112a, the military can prosecute the servicemember for use, possession, manufacturing, or distribution of any controlled substances.

Internet Sex Crime Defense

With the increase of social media, online dating apps, and legal pornography websites, many young servicemembers are spending countless hours on their computer. Servicemembers should be very aware of the dangers of using these websites and apps as they are being trolled by law enforcement cyber teams.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Under federal law, enforced by EEOC, it is illegal to discriminate against an applicant or employee because of that person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to retaliate against a person because he or she complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit.  Military Justice Attorneys can provide legal representation for a complaintant in these types of employment workplace actions.

Military Boards

Military boards are administrative proceedings that handle discharges from service, grade and career determinations, and other criminal or non-criminal matters. A command may refer minor charges against a commissioned officer to a military board in lieu of court-martial. Other boards consider prospective cases of discharge from military service and evaluate past discharge decisions. Regardless of the specific body involved, a military law expert can offer indispensable counsel to servicemembers appealing to, or undergoing review by, a military board.

Military Sexual Assault Defense

The military takes sexual assault allegations very seriously. Regardless of how weak or frivolous the allegations of sexual assault may appear, the political climate is such that the military will prosecute nearly all sexual assault allegations.

Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Servicemen and women sometimes encounter unscrupulous landlords, property management companies, credit card companies, and banks that attempt to take advantage of their sacrifice and infringe upon the rights afforded them under the SCRA. Military Justice Attorneys can provide legal support to defend against such violations.

Military Manslaughter Defense

Under the UCMJ, there are two types of manslaughter charges: voluntary and involuntary. Both types of charges can result not only in a loss of rank or station, but also a dishonorable discharge and years of confinement. If you or a servicemember you love has been charged with manslaughter, it’s critical that you have an experienced military law firm by your side.

Military Murder Defense

The most serious charge a servicemember faces under the UCMJ is a charge of murder. If you or a servicemember you love has been charged with murder, it’s critical that you have an experienced military law firm by your side.

The skilled and aggressive attorneys at Military Justice Attorneys have over 75 years of combined military justice experience and will zealously fight for you, regardless of where you’re stationed. We have defended servicemen and women facing investigations, trials, and discipline for the most serious offenses under the UCMJ, including murder.