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  • Drill Instructor / Cadre Misconduct Defense

    Drill Instructors/Sergeants and Cadre are tasked with one of our nation’s most important duties—transforming everyday civilians into United States Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  MJA understands the tireless work, sacrifice, and commitment Drill Instructors/Sergeants and their families invest into training recruits.  Despite these sacrifices, Drill Instructors/Sergeants are increasingly becoming the subject of investigation, nonjudicial punishment, and court-martial prosecution due to allegations of misconduct in the training environment. 

    MJA is experienced in defending Drill Instructors/Sergeants and Cadre facing allegations of assault, hazing, maltreatment, sexual harassment, orders violations, and numerous other UCMJ violations.  If you are a Drill Instructor/Sergeant or Cadre under investigations for these or other allegations, you must retain the very best military defense lawyer to protect yourself and your career.  Contact one of our military defense lawyers today to learn more.