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  • Military Internet Sex Crime Defense

    With the increase of social media, online dating apps, and legal pornography websites, many young servicemembers are spending countless hours on their computer. Servicemembers should be very aware of the dangers of using these websites and apps as they are being trolled by law enforcement cyber teams. Many of these sites and apps walk a very fine line between Constitutionally-protected depictions, and illegal activity. Internet sex crimes, or child pornography, is aggressively prosecuted in the military.

    If you or a servicemember you know has been accused of transferring or possessing child pornography, contact us immediately. At MJA, we have defended servicemembers in all branches all across the world who are under investigation for allegations of child pornography. Over the past decade we have developed strong defenses to these allegations, and have won a notable number of acquittals and very favorable results for our clients. Contact our military defense lawyers now to learn more.