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Fraternization, UA, Drugs

MJA would like to announce an outstanding legal victory for one of our Army client’s.  Our client who was subjected to a random anti-terrorism measures program (RAMP) inspection on Fort Stewart, Georgia. The military police discovered an unregistered firearm, a bag containing 23 grams of “flaka” (a form of designer drugs akin to bath salts), and three hydrocodone tablets in a small plastic baggie. Before retaining our firm the client waived his rights and made several admissions of guilt to Army CID. Ultimately, the client was charged with a series of drug-related offenses, and was facing a court-martial.

Mr. Michael Silverman, the attorney of record for MJA, immediately saw some irregularities with the search. During discovery, MJA requested the policies and procedures governing the RAMP on Fort Stewart, and all documents associated with the daily record from the gate. After reviewing the discovery, MJA arranged for interviews with each MP involved in the search, and subsequently filed a motion alleging the search was illegal on Fourth Amendment grounds. In a five-hour motion hearing that included the testimony of six witnesses, the Court held that the search was illegal and suppressed all the evidence, including the clients statements made to CID.

No defense counsel had ever before successfully challenged the Random Anti-Terrorism Program on Fort Stewart. Within two days the Commanding General withdrew all charges and dismissed the case.

Our client was facing multiple federal convictions and would probably, without our representation, have received a bad conduct discharge, forever marring his record. Now, he will likely receive an honorable discharge and move-on to a productive life. (Silverman 2017)

Military Justice Attorneys has successfully represented servicemembers against these types of charges many times over. If you are confronting such allegations, Military Justice Attorneys strongly advises you to seek legal consultation, because there is likely an alternative disposition that could potentially save your career or remove any risk of receiving confinement or a punitive discharge. (Healy)